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Join a local native on a unique walking tour of West Asheville. Discover the hidden gems of the mini neighborhood museum / window display, delve into its rich history, and explore fascinating artifacts from businesses of the past.

Marvel at the iconic 1930’s neighborhood delivery bicycle from Mays Market, catch a glimpse of the old original trolley bell, and uncover the story behind the end of the car line district.

Pay a visit to the West Asheville’s 1800’s once lost cemetery and learn about its remarkable discovery.

See and learn about Asheville’s oldest barbershop located in west Asheville. Soak in the vintage ambiance of a neighborhood that use to be a town of its own.

The tour lasts for 75 minutes and takes you through the vibrant 700 block. The cost of the tour is a donation to the History museum, allowing you to contribute to preserving the heritage of this captivating neighborhood.

Tours meet at 727 Haywood Rd, at the history window. Please call 828- 202-9990.